Innovation pillars

in our 3 core activities

We are powering the energy transition through innovation on the three pillars of the TSO: Asset Management, System Operations, and Market Facilitation.

We lead the way in the energy sector by developing and supporting new technologies to build the grid of the future-reliable, sustainable, and affordable.

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System Operations

In the future, the acceleration of technological innovation will require a total rethinking of system operation. At Elia Group, we are committed to innovation in grid dynamics, exploring the use of big data, machine learning, and AI.
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Asset Management

We take our responsibility to society seriously - we need to be reliable and cost-effective. Since our environment is changing fast, we need to change too, keeping up with technological and market developments to achieve our targets and create added value for both shareholders and society.
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Market Facilitation

Elia Group is the market facilitator for Belgium, responsible for an efficient and transparent electricity market to enable smooth integration with the rest of Europe. We work with different stakeholders to make sure the market adapts to the evolving needs of the modern power system.
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