Jan Vandenbroucke

Innovation Project Manager

With the energy transition and the digitalization of the sector underway, it is clear that consumers are calling for energy services that deliver more value and comfort and that this will become a driving force in itself soon. Until now, this trend has been very much underestimated by many market players. However, Elia Group believes we are on the verge of a new era where energy as a service will breakthrough dramatically. A consumer-centric system is the logical evolution in the interest of society and of frontrunners looking for opportunities to deliver more comfort and flexibility.

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To foster this evolution Elia Group wants to walk the talk and facilitate the development of an ecosystem that will deliver the products and services needed for a consumer-centric system. Market parties willing to embark on this journey are invited to sign up before January 12th 2019.

To allow as many market parties as possible in the further development of current and new use cases, a sandbox will be ready by April 1st 2019.


Fist use case tested within the ecosystem

A first set of organizations from the energy sector, namely Luminus, Elia Group, Enervalis, Fluvius and Scholt Energy have started a journey to test first applications of the “IO.Energy”, a communication platform.

The platform is currently used by the partners to demonstrate that prosumers can gain from their flexibility by optimising it against a real time price. Thanks to the design of the platform, any other use case beyond this one could be tested easily as well.

This first use case is currently being tested, coupling end-consumers to a real-time energy price (accounting for the status of the grid) in order to assess if consumer can make value in real time of their flexibility. The use case involves home batteries, heat-pumps, EV chargers and cold stores totaling 500 kW and is tested on the first release of the IO.Energy platform.

The objective of this use case is to develop and implement working applications on IO.Energy to test how prosumers can make value of their flexibility by being exposed to real-time prices. Concretely, real-time prices will be sent through IO.Energy to several parties up until the prosumer, the prosumer has to react to these price signals, and the consumption profile of the prosumer will be measured and sent to several parties to allow them to take this into account in their processes.

The IO.Energy as real-time communication platform

As a real-time communication platform, the IO.Energy, which stands for “Internet of Energy”, meets the high standards of the electricity sector while being

an open & low entry door for consumers to benefit from their data and flexibility,
an environment for energy services providers to build new energy applications
and for grid operators to find new flexibility for their increasing needs.
The IO.Energy is use case agnostic, but the value it enables comes from the applications running on it.

As indicated above, Elia Group calls upon the energy sector to develop an ecosystem willing to collaborate on the development of the future applications running on the platform.

Using a build-test-learn approach to organically grow the ecosystem

Moving to a large share of prosumers is a paradigm shift and an aim only achievable as a sector journey. One single organization cannot define from scratch a blueprint of this shift, however many ideas already exist on how to enable such evolution. Rather than discussing the ideas theoretically, ideas should be evaluated through a systematic and iterative “Build – Test – Learn” cycle to mature the ones bringing the most value for the users, the market players and the society as a whole.


Outcomes from the first use cases are expected by beginning of 2019, in view of expanding the ecosystem to more actors in the course of the year.


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