Elia Group Innovation

Driving the energy transition

In a rapidly changing energy landscape, innovation plays a key role in understanding, anticipating and promptly adopting the changes needed to ensure the transition towards a more reliable, affordable and efficient energy system. And that’s why innovation is at the heart of our core business. Together, we continue to innovate our industry, evolving the power sector to benefit us now and in the future.

Keep informed about the latest innovation news

In the longer term


Long term trends are scrutinised by specialist units that keep their eyes open to any initiative that could have a potential impact on our activities. These units work as a kind of radar to identify and anticipate potential opportunities.


Identified opportunities are examined in depth and proof tested to prepare Elia for the next generation of state-of-the-art technologies. Once testing has proven the efficiency of the technology, the innovative initiative is effectively incorporated into our daily practices.

3 core activities

We make the energy transition happen through our 3 core activities