Start-ups infuse dynamism into projects and have unique perspectives and use cases to contribute to our work. We at Elia Group therefore actively scout out possible partnerships with them, in the recognition that it is only through collaborating with a range of partners that we will be able to establish a consumer-centric and sustainable future.

We are open for collaboration with startups…


Why work with us?

Elia Group is a key player in electricity transmission. We ensure that energy production and consumption are balanced while supplying 30 million end users with electricity!

Through our subsidiaries in Belgium (Elia) and Germany (50Hertz), we operate 19,276 km of high-voltage connections, meaning that we are one of Europe’s top 5 transmission system operators. 

We aspire to be a catalyst for a successful energy transition and actively look for partners that will help us to establish a reliable, sustainable, and affordable energy system. 

We need inspiration and innovation to find new cutting-edge solutions that will help us achieve our mission. We cannot do it alone. We are continuously scouting for start-ups that can assist us in embedding innovation across our operations and processes, not only in bringing innovative solutions and technologies, but also in challenging our corporate mindset and way of working.

Do you have a game-changing technology or product in the energy field? Do not wait another second to contact the Innovation team!

Open Innovation Challenge

The OIC winners, along with prize money, get the unique opportunity to run a proof of concept for their project with the support of Elia Group mentors.

Learn more about the Open Innovation Challenge 2022 via the following video: 

Find out more about our precious challenges!

Want to learn when the next OIC will take place? Let’s stay in touch!

External Hackathons

Elia Group regularly conducts Hackathons which bring together coding students, start-ups, and representatives from larger companies from all over the world. During the Hackathon event, participants with the support of Elia Group experts work on solutions that can shape the future of energy services focused on consumer centricity.

The winning team is awarded the opportunity to join The Nest, the Group’s internal digital incubator, and work on developing their products together with Elia Group mentors.

Find out more about our previous Hackathons winners: 

Green Bid wins Elia Group’s first ever hackathon on energy services for consumers with solution that allows prosumers to sell their excess solar energy

"SELECT" wins second edition of the Elia Group Hackathon

Curious to work on the next generation solution for the net zero grid? Sign up to be informed of our next Hackathon!
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