At Elia Group we innovate by investigating and testing new approaches, technologies and products that facilitate the integration and transmission of renewable energy from offshore wind parks to the onshore grid.

Kai Schmied
Project Manager Offshore

Increasing Europe's offshore wind capacity by exploring new technologies

The EU’s Offshore Renewable Energy Strategy has the ambition to increase Europe’s offshore wind capacity from 12 GW to 300 GW by 2050. As Transmission System Operator, the role of Elia Group and its subsidiaries, Elia (responsible for Belgium and the North Sea) and 50Hertz (responsible for the northeast of Germany and the Baltic Sea) is to transport and integrate the electricity generated at sea to demand centers at land.

We do this by planning, building, operating and maintaining the transmission infrastructure. Along with the huge potential, there are several challenges across the entire value chain of offshore wind integration and transmission. Offshore, by definition, is more cost intensive and related to different safety risks in comparison with the traditional onshore grid activities.

Elia Group Innovation team works together with the colleagues from the Offshore departments at Elia and 50Hertz to explore new technologies, such as autonomous and unmanned surface vehicles, and collaborate with field related technology and research partners in order to develop solutions that will increase the safety, security, sustainability and efficiency of operations.

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