System operations

Elia Group innovates to enable the integration of renewables while ensuring a stable operation of the grid.

Martin Crappe
Martin Crappe
Asset & Operation

This is accomplished by addressing the increasing complexity of the grid with new technologies and digitalization tools. 

The recent rapid expansion of RES (Renewable Energy Sources) brings along new challenges that we at Elia Group need to tackle already today. Among the main trends impacting system operations are:

  • Increase of renewables (based on power electronics) cause growing number of interconnections and cross-border competition
  • Low rotating inertia and voltage issues make it harder to control and keep harmonic stability of the grid
  • The inherent uncertainty of RES production demands new approaches in grid planning, forecasting, and ensuring its flexibility 
  • Decentralized assets will add complexity to system operations, making it impossible for a human decision maker to keep a full overview over the asset portfolio.

To tackle these challenges Innovation team together the colleagues from System Operation departments at Elia and 50Hertz have streamlined the innovation portfolio around 4 key topics:

We understand that to tackle the challenges, collaboration is essential. That’s why we push forward 2 types of partnerships: 

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