Cross-Industry Innovators 

We break down corporate limits by joining efforts with cross-industry players to drive efficient, and technology-enabled solutions for asset management challenges.


In April 2022, we launched Cross Industry Innovators ecosystem that unites companies operating vast life-essential infrastructures across Europe in different sectors, e.g., Energy, Railways, and Telecommunications.

While running business in diverse industries, ecosystem members are united by remarkably similar challenges: we all urge to future-proof and ensure the stability of our infrastructures for millions of its users.

Currently our network fosters collaboration between 7 key market players, including Elia Group, Swiss Grid, Red Electrica de Espana, Austrian Power Grid, SBB CFF FFS, E.DIS (E.ON) and Vinci Energies. 

Each of us is already making big efforts in investigating new digital solutions (drones, satellites, sensors, etc.) to inspect and manage our assets, resolve incidents quicker and precisely monitor and forecast the assets’ condition. Now we have joint efforts to learn from each other and execute innovative pilot projects within our union. It helps to reduce costs and gain insights from our investigations much faster.


In less than a year from the start, we’ve already launched 6 innovative projects within different technological domains, e.g., Remote Drone Inspection, Dynamic Line Rating or Safety Monitoring by Video AI. And this is only the beginning!


Join us!

Our Cross Industry Innovators union invites new members for collaboration. We value diversity and welcome partners from different industry sectors, including Telecommunications, Railway, Chemistry, Gas.

If you are operating critical infrastructure and interested in accelerating your innovations or facing a complex tech challenge - feel free to reach out Eva Schramm or Irid Bufi

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