Moonshots Programme

As a part of our innovation drive, in 2021 we launched a multiyear Moonshot program. The aim of the Moonshot program is to tackle some of the biggest challenges in energy transition and demonstrate the use of concrete solutions to reach this goal. 

As explained in the video below, each of our 5 Moonshots focuses on one of Elia Group’s business domains: system operations; consumer centricity; infrastructure; offshore; and asset management.

Key Moonshots Principles

  • Idealistic
    With the Moonshot program, we aim to solve some of the biggest and most pressing challenges we see in the energy industry.
  • Hard to achieve
     The Moonshots are not meant to be simple or incremental improvements; rather, they will require significant breakthroughs to be successful.
  • Visionary 
    With the Moonshots, we aim to go beyond our business-as-usual,  while maintaining a close connection to our core domains so that millions of end users and our business operations can benefit.
  • Together
    Given the nature of the Moonshots, it would not be feasible to reach the goals on our own, therefore we will rely on the capabilities of the entire group and its partners.
  • Demonstrator

    A Moonshot is not supposed to end with a PowerPoint presentation; instead, our goal is to deliver measurable results in real-life scenarios. 

5 Moonshots to make the energy transition towards the net zero European grid happen

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