To foster innovation and recruit talented staff, we have established a robust collaboration network with research institutions and universities. Moreover, we have adopted a two-tiered approach to working with academic partners: we collaborate with the latter through an Academic Board and an academic framework.


The Academic Board

The goal of the Academic Board is to build a broader dialogue with the academic community and leverage their expertise to support Elia Group to tackle challenges of the future energy system in Belgium and Germany.

Among the main objectives of the Board are tackling top-priority challenges that have a direct effect both on the industry, and end-users: 

  • Accelerating academic research towards a green, digital and resilient energy future; 
  • Developing skills to ensure that the electricity industry has the right talents to face future challenges.
  • On March 18, 2021, 50Hertz launched Scientific Advisory & Project Board (SAPB). The Board consists of 21 experts from German and Swiss Universities. 
  • On October 28, 2022, Elia launched its first Academic Board in Belgium dedicated to ensuring the market and grid stability. The Board is currently represented by 20 professors from 7 universities across Belgium.

The academic framework

The academic framework is a contract between Elia Group and Belgian universities involved in the energy sector. While the Board addresses the individual professors, the framework aims at collaborating with universities as entities.

The framework is set to serve as a support and guide in launching joint projects between Elia and academics (research institutes and universities). By establishing a transparent and pre-defined set of rules, Elia Group intends to accelerate academic projects and increase access to research fundings.

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