Our partners

Rooted in the strong belief that collaboration is crucial for success, we are involved in different activities that foster cooperation between Elia Group and its partners.

We are open to collaborate with different partners from across different industries, no matter if you are a start-up, research institute, corporate or another type of organization.

How do we collaborate?

We believe in joint responsibility – that is why we aim to engage in joint planning and execution of projects. These projects can be whitepapers, proof-of-concepts and product or process innovation or other types of collaboration. Although we are interested in long-term relationships, we are also open to collaborating on a project-only basis.

In which areas do we collaborate?

We mainly collaborate in areas related to our business operations, i.e. infrastructure, asset management, system operations, offshore operations and consumer centricity. However, we are open to looking beyond these core activities if we see potential in collaboration.

Can I get involved?

Of course! If you have any ideas to share, we encourage you to reach out or explore our innovation ecosystems to determine whether you would be a good fit for helping us to address upcoming energy challenges.

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