Infrastructure and Asset Management

At Elia Group we explore new ways to improve the existing grid and develop innovative solutions to build the grid of the future. We work on implementation of technologies such as drones, satellites, artificial intelligence, robots, and many others.

Van den Broeck William
Project Manager Assets & Infrastructure

The grid of the future

As a result of decentralization, renewable energy integration and growing interconnection and electrification we see rising demand for our infrastructure. It impacts the way we build, maintain and dispose of all the physical grid elements that are required to keep the electricity flowing. 

On the one hand, the existing grid must be used to its maximum. New technologies and innovative solutions make it possible to increase asset capacity, reduce risks, increase efficiency and reliability without negative environmental impact.

At the same time, it is crucial to deliver the grid of the future in upcoming decades. It is our role to deliver the infrastructure at the most efficient cost and within the necessary timeframe, while clearly communicating the overall long-term benefits for society.

Whether we are integrating new technologies for automated and connected assets, changing organizational processes, or researching new building materials, we are constantly looking for additional value. We actively cooperate and exchange expertise with start-ups, cross-industry partners and research organizations.

Our projects

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