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InnoWeek 2021: Together with 15 external partners, we showcased our most innovative projects related to the five Moonshot domains

The motto of this year’s Innovation Week was “Co-creating the future with our ecosystem”. Indeed, for the first time, Elia Group colleagues showcased a range of projects to the rest of the organisation alongside 15 external partners who played a big part in ensuring their success.

The projects on display were clustered around the five “Moonshot domains” – the Innovation team’s key areas of focus – as follows: system operations; consumer centricity; infrastructure; asset management; and offshore.


The video below includes highlights from InnoWeek. In it, a number of project leaders describe the projects Elia Group is currently working on.

For your convenience, timestamps relating to each of the projects included in the highlights video can be found below.

00:00: Introduction


01:34: Moonshot System Operations
02:11: Local Inertia
04:44: Modular Control Center System (MCCS)
06:59: VoltControl


08:20: Moonshot Consumer Centricity
08:37: Consumer Flexibility
09:34: Green Tracking
10:48: Digital Wallet for Energy Services
11:50: Power and Mobility (Digital Identities)


13:50: Moonshot Infrastructure
14:13: AI to improve Monitoring of Cables
15:53: Pylon Unbending
16:43: Trench Sledge Technology
19:23: New Steel


21:30: Moonshot Offshore
22:17: Asset Performance Management and Optimizatoin (APMO)
24:45: IOT
26:30: Robots
27:58: BVLOS Drones
30:00: XR lab (Extended reality)


31:10: Closing word