Innovation Challenges

Could your ideas change the face of energy supply?

Elia Group is looking for innovative solutions
to put into action, both in the future and right now. We are sharing our major challenges and asking you to submit your solution. If your project is selected, you will have the chance to work directly with Elia Group.

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Status Selection ongoing

Call for innovation partners: Identifying Incidents

Test new technologies that will enable Elia Group to reach its objective of identifying the cause of overhead line incidents in ten minutes.


Status Closed

Open Innovation Challenge 2022: Sustainability

The 2022 Open Innovation Challenge will focus on embedding sustainability across all of our value chain processes and is centred on circularity, efficiency and resilience.

Status Closed

Open Innovation Challenge 2021: Offshore Grid Integration

The Open Innovation Challenge 2021 is dedicated to Offshore Grid Integration. We look for innovative solutions to make operations more safe, efficient, cost effective and sustainable!

Status Closed

OIC 2020: Securing the energy transition

Via the 4th Open Innovation Challenge, Elia Group was looking for digital solutions to enhance the security of energy related assets and data.

Status Closed

OIC 2019: Improving the day-by-day Asset Management and Grid Operation

Via the 3rd Open Innovation Challenge, Elia Group was looking for new solutions for data collection, safety, operations and trainings.

Status Closed

OIC 2018: Improve electricity forecasting

For the 2nd edition, Elia Group wanted to find solutions you to improve electricity generation and consumption forecasting!

Status Closed

OIC 2017: How can we improve the public acceptance of our...

In 2017, Elia organised the first Start-Up/Open Innovation Challenge in order to identify start-ups that are proposing tools to enhance public acceptance of infrastructure projects. The

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