Status of the challenge: Selection ongoing

Call for innovation partners: Identifying Incidents

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Submissions should be sent to us by 15th August 2022 EOB.

The file needs to be sent to and, with the words ‘RFP AM Moonshot’ clearly mentioned in the subject line.

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15th August 2022

Status of the challenge

Selection ongoing

We at Elia Group are aiming to identify the cause of overhead line incidents in just ten minutes. Now we need you to make that happen.

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As a part of a big innovation drive at Elia Group, we launched our “Moonshot” programme that relates to five of our business areas. The aim of the Moonshot programme is to tackle some of the biggest challenges that the energy transition is presenting us with, and demonstrate the use of concrete solutions to them. As explained in the video below, each of our Moonshots focuses on one of Elia Group’s business areas: system operations; consumer centricity; infrastructure; offshore; and asset management.



Within the asset management business area, the goal of our Moonshot is to make sure that we can keep the lights on around the clock – even when incidents occur.

We’re therefore rethinking the incident analysis journey for overhead lines: we want to be able to quickly identify the cause of incidents in 10 minutes or less.

Wait — what are incidents?

We define an incident as any event that forces a circuit breaker to open, so interrupting the flow of electricity. Incidents can be caused by an asset failing (but they do not necessarily involve asset failure or by external factors such as the weather, animals, machinery interfering with a power line or material failure. Given that overhead lines are spread across a wide geographical area, incidents that occur along such assets are of particular interest.


Examples of incidents

‘Identifying Incidents’ : Call for innovation partners

The primary goal of this project will be to assess, select and test out a new piece of technology that can capture and verify as many incident categories as possible in a timeframe that is as close to real-time as possible.

The solution should be able to gather visual or other type of relevant data on the very spot where an incident has occurred (after it has occurred), analyse the captured data, and present the results in near-real-time.

Detailed information about this call for innovation can be found here: AM_Moonshot_Challenge

The solution should meet the following criteria:

Read our T&Cs here: General Purchasing Conditions and Specific Purchasing Conditions

This project is supported by our cross-industry innovation ecosystem.


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Want to join us as an innovation partner?

1. Submissions

Submission need to be sent to and, with the words ‘RFP AM Moonshot’ clearly mentioned in the subject line. See the AM_Moonshot_Challenge document under '‘Identifying Incidents’ Challenge' above for more information.

2. Screening and selection

After a first evaluation of the submissions and at the sole discretion of Elia Group, the most suitable proposals will be selected and their owners will be invited to take part in a pitching session (date to be determined). All participants will be informed of the result by 31st of October 2022 (please note, evaluation process timeline has been extended).

3. Preparatory work & planning of demonstrator

Due to the exploratory nature of the demonstrator, the successful proposal will be checked for its technical feasibility within a limited physical space and timeframe before any decision about scaling it up is taken. Preparatory work for testing and planning: Q4 2022
Preparatory testing: Q1 2023
Final testing: Q2 – Q3 2023

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