Elia Group's Tech Radar

Identifying emerging technology trends and analysing their relevance for our organisation is crucial for addressing energy sector challenges. 

Technology is transforming every aspect of human life. By employing the Tech Radar to monitor and evaluate emerging technologies, we’re able to identify the most impactful ones that demand our immediate attention today.

The Tech Radar is aligned with our Innovation Strategy, so it is structured around six Elia Group's innovation domains. The heatmap provides an overview of the maturity level, potential impact on our organisation  and connections between different technology trends.

By introducing the Tech Radar, we invite outside-in perspectives and encourage collaboration that will help us shape the future of energy – together!  

How it works?


Of course, technology does not change the world on its own, that is why we at Elia Group actively collaborate with external partners. It helps us to find and apply new ways of working on business and technological challenges. Check out our innovation ecosystems to see whether you might be a good fit for solving our next challenges together.

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