Tech Scouting and Assessment

Our goal is to identify and assess emerging and unexplored technologies that have the potential to disrupt the energy sector and the way we do our business. 

At Elia Group, we have established a continuous screening process to spot and scout relevant emerging and breakthrough technologies and trends. We assess their potential impact and relevance in line with our strategic ambitions. In case the technology is deemed relevant, we go deep. 

  • Emerging Tech Radar

    To keep track of the technologies around us and their potential impact on TSO space, we have launched Elia Group Emerging Tech Radar.

    The Tech Radar is a visual heat map that provides a structured overview of the maturity and potential impact of technologies spotted through our screening process in the context of our business areas. 

    On the TechRadar you will find technologies such as Space Solar Systems, Solid Pod, Graphene, Power Beaming, Quantum Computing, and dozens of other emerging technologies that could become real use cases within Elia Group and have an impact on our operations and society. 

    The Innovation team continuously scouts and evaluates innovative trends and amplifies the Radar with the most promising ones. We are always open to hear your opinion on the emerging technologies that we should keep an eye on in the coming years. If you have ideas and knowledge to share - feel free to reach out to our team

  • Feasibility Assessment through prototyping and proof-of-concept tests

    In case we identify an opportunity to solve a business problem with an emerging technology, we start a ’deep tech analysis.’ We run proof-of-concept tests under real technical constraints to analyze our hypotheses, the maturity, feasibility, and potential benefit of a technology. It is an iterative process, through which we check how innovative technologies can be applied to solve challenges of our business operations today and tomorrow. 

    Following the tech’s positive evaluation, 2 outcomes are possible:

    • Creation of Centre of Excellence: in case the technology has deemed mature enough and can serve as a solution for business opportunities at scale;
    • Industrialize: in case technology and business opportunities coming out of the prototype are ready to be used and leveraged by the business.


Of course, technology does not change the world on its own, that is why we at Elia Group actively collaborate with external partners. It helps us to find and apply new ways of working on business and technological challenges. Check out our innovation ecosystems to see whether you might be a good fit for solving our next challenges together.

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