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Elia Group’s Innovation Hub explores and develops exciting new ideas through three pillars of innovation: asset management, system operations and market facilitation.

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We strive to find new ideas in our three pillars of innovation

In parallel, we created ‘speedboats’

Each speedboat is a project or capability that can work across different innovation pillars depending on the project content.

So far, three
speedboats exist

The speedboats are created to foster innovation – each one a project or capability that can work across different innovation pillars depending on the project content: 

Artificial Intelligence

We find examples in which AI could improve Elia Group’s operations and core business.
We find and prioritise promising initiatives, making sure they are industrialised and integrated into Elia Group’s operations.
We are ensuring talent and competency acquisitions within Elia Group, including through external partnerships.

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Johan Maricq


We monitor new and emerging digital technologies in order to understand and assess their potential.
We test new technologies in a neutral environment.
We identify and use technologies to optimise Elia Group’s business processes.

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Olivier Danvin


We are Elia Group’s in-house experts on new trends influencing the evolution of the power system (technologies and business models).
We use our knowledge to look for relevant start-ups to work with, demonstrating emerging technologies and key competencies for the future.

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Josephine Delmote

Do you have an idea that could change how we work?

Partner with us

Elia Group Innovation is proud to be part of the following ecosystems:


The Belgian system operators Elia, Fluvius, ORES, Sibelga and Resa have launched IO.Energy, a unique and innovative Belgian project that will help to develop new services by exchanging data between all energy market players.


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Energy Web Foundation

The Energy Web Foundation (EWF) is a global non-profit organization focused on accelerating blockchain technology across the energy sector. The pilot project is conducted together by Elia with SettleMint and Actility.

Energy Web Foundation

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Identifying the nature of the energy transformation

Currently, four major trends are driving the transformation of the energy landscape: regionalisation; renewable generation; and decentralisation; all enabled by digitalisation. Together this will lead to the emergence of disruptive power markets and business models.

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Make your
ideas a reality

At Elia Group we know we can only resolve the challenges of the future if we work together. We are always looking for new ideas that respond to specific challenges – explore the questions we’re asking and contribute by submitting your solution.

We measure both the idea and its impact, and choose the top five solutions – then we’ll work with the best to develop their business idea.


Free tools and resources for innovators

This is a two-way conversation and at Elia Group we want to share what we’ve learned with you, for free. We are adding more content all the time: practical and actionable ideas via easy to use e-learning videos, and blog posts on the latest trends in the world of Elia Group innovation.


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