Innovation pillars

Asset Management

We take our responsibility to society seriously – we need to be reliable and cost-effective in what we do. Since our environment is changing fast, we need to change too, keeping up with technological and market developments to achieve our targets and create added value for both shareholders and society.

We’re already seeing greater demands made of our infrastructure as a result of renewable energy integration and increased interconnection. New technologies make it possible to increase asset capacity, reduce risk, or raise efficiency and reliability without increasing the impact of our infrastructure.

Whether in integrating new technologies for automated and connected assets, or changing organisational processes, we’re constantly looking to add value. We monitor, test, demonstrate and integrate; every step is crucial to increase our knowledge and skill. We gather valuable information from start-ups, prospective partners, other utilities and other sectors.

Martin Crappe

Asset & Operation


Become a digital utility: digital monitoring of assets and automated inspections

Data and automation are changing the future of energy. To make the most of the enormous digital opportunities available, we need to truly understand them – researching, testing and prototyping the most promising technologies.

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Osmose: improving flexibility integration


Adoption of state of the art transmission assets

Developing and using new assets offers a major opportunity to work more efficiently, by increasing knowledge sharing and improving information flows within Elia Group. And listening carefully to feedback from our partners and stakeholders supports us in reducing our impact on the environment at minimal cost and maximal reliability

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Leverage integrated risk management

The world is becoming increasingly complex. Integrating this complexity into our risk management allows us to make better decisions and understand the real impacts – both for Elia Group and the wider world.  

Updating our risk management will mean we place more constraints on our activities. This in turn will push us to improve our work within those requirements, keeping internal and external responsibilities aligned, and guaranteeing safety, quality, and efficiency standards.

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Drone Inspection Automation

We do not innovate alone. We work with our partners across the energy sector and beyond to drive the energy transition forward, seeking innovative solutions everywhere.

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