Innovation pillars

Market Facilitation

Elia Group is the market facilitator for Belgium, responsible for an efficient and transparent electricity market to enable smooth integration with the rest of Europe. We work with different stakeholders to make sure the Belgian market adapts to the evolving needs of the modern power system.

We want to lead the way in the energy and ancillary services markets by understanding how to engage the “kW prosumer” and integrate new assets in the market. To do so, we’re developing new tools and conducting research.

We are developing new tools to suit the marketplace of exchanges and services, and to build in reliable market signals. Prosumers can best take advantage of their flexibility if they are given the choice to share their data in return for cheap and fast processes. Tailored price signals, facilitated by new technologies like AI, offer new ways to price energy and to incentivise market participation.

We are also researching and testing new assets under real conditions. This is the only way to truly understand their potential, as well as any operational constraints they bring, and the possible impacts on system regulation and market design.

Kai Schmied

Market Facilitation & Blockchain


Create tools and infrastructure to lower entry barriers for “kW” prosumers.

Two factors are profoundly changing the energy system: digitalisation, and the energy transition. These also fuel the rise of the kW prosumer. To give prosumers access to energy markets and include them in balancing, a real-time communication platform is essential.

Elia Group is introducing software innovations to its energy system, providing the grid with the digital backbone to overcome today’s problems and achieve tomorrow’s goals. We are working to develop dedicated platforms facilitating P2P and C2C sharing, giving prosumers the greatest choice in how they buy and sell energy – letting them make decisions based on price, location of energy production, assets used and more.

These new exchange types will provide greater insights for Elia Group, such as which features would lower the entry barriers for new market players, and drive our understanding of the potential of new technologies like blockchain.

For future markets to best support these new technologies, transmission system operators first need to understand the behaviour of the new assets. We are testing and studying new assets in real conditions, providing insights on operational constraints and market needs.

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Maximize the participation of decentralised market players.

Prosumers own new types of devices or assets: electrical vehicles, heat pumps, domestic PV panels. There is enormous potential tied up in these assets, especially in terms of their possible impact on energy markets and grid balancing – but they’re very different from traditional generation assets like gas turbines or power plants. The energy market of the future has to allow for these new resources and processes, as well as individual prosumer preferences about how to use them.

We’re working to build a full understanding of price signals and related parameters, to allow for full and informed participation of prosumers in the energy and ancillary services market.

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Create market insights using new technologies

The rise in renewable energy sources at both residential and utility scale leads to an urgent need to improve forecasting and prediction abilities. If we can more reliably predict critical grid situations and changing market conditions, we can minimise the impact of variable generation.

Elia Group, working with 50Hertz, is identifying the technologies (such as AI) with the highest benefit for forecasting grid losses and ancillary services needs. Then we test and monitor those new technologies to improve their predictions.

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Test new assets and their integration in the energy and service market

The power system of the future has to be reliable – and will need new assets to make that happen. These new assets, whether at residential or utility scale, behave differently from traditional power plants, so we need to assess in detail how they could impact grid balancing.

We are selecting certain key technologies to test and research, to demonstrate the feasibility and the value of these new assets for the market of the future; from the near real time to the more long-term.

We do not innovate alone. We work with our partners across the energy sector and beyond to drive the energy transition forward, seeking innovative solutions everywhere.

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