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The expansion of the electricity grid is a decisive component of the energy transition, not only in Germany but in all of Europe. During grid development projects, the project developers are often accused of a lack of transparency in the planning and realisation. This creates political and public pressure on the projects, resulting in higher project costs and delays in the grid development required for the energy transition.

BESTGRID discussion at Auferstehungskirche in Berlin. Picture: 50Hertz


The approach is to encourage the early exchange between transmission system operators and local authorities, institutions and citizens during grid development projects, to improve local understanding of the project and speed up the approval procedure if possible.

Co-funded by the Intelligent Energy Europe Program of the European Union.

Monitoring electric and magnetic fields under a power supply line from 50Hertz.


In the wake of BESTGRID, transmission system operators and environmental associations worked on pilot projects for over 30 months, in order to try out new approaches for public participation and stakeholder groups with special attention to environmental interests. The objective was to improve understanding of the project, use more local knowledge and speed up the approval procedure where possible, without lowering environmental standards. 50Hertz was represented with its 380 kV overhead line project between Bertikow and Pasewalk. Among other things, communication approaches were tested for questions with regard to electric and magnetic fields near extra high voltage lines.

You can find results and more information at Projects of Common Interest (PCI).



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What 50Hertz concludes from the BESTGRID project:

  1. Early public participation: timely coordination with local authorities and associations helps discuss available options in a transparent and solution-oriented manner and integrate findings in the approval procedure.
  2. Create offers per target group: the mobile information office makes it possible to adequately inform the local population on grid development projects and enter into targeted dialogue with citizens.
    Measurements near lines and the collaboration with EMF experts offer a good opportunity to inform residents on the properties of electric and magnetic fields and to make the theme more tangible.
  3. No one-time effects: the tour of the mobile information office together with other meetings in support of the grid development project form a chain of measures that ensures the continuity of exchange with authorities and citizens.
    It is 50Hertz’s objective to maintain and further the sustained dialogue with its project partners that was started in the scope of BESTGRID, even after the pilot project has been concluded.

The experiences gathered through the pilot project are consolidated by the BESTGRID project partners and evaluated together. The most important conclusions are published in the form of a handbook and should be used as best practices for grid development projects.

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