The Nest – Incubation Factory


Oz Ural

Nest Manager

As Elia Group, we are on a mission to create and deliver the energy infrastructure of the future and innovate in services that enable a reliable and sustainable power system, with the interest of society at the heart of every decision. This mission cannot be done without the need to rethink how we build and deliver solutions to achieve the energy transition.

The Nest acts as a catalyzer inside Elia Group that brings capabilities in rethinking, designing and building software prototypes. Together with our employees and business units, we are co-creating and incubating new digital products and services for Elia Group.


From ideation to incubation, our approach follows known methods such as design thinking, lean startup and agile delivery to deliver promising results. We rely on automation, cloud, hypothesis driven software development and state of the art UX/UI design capabilities to deliver customer centric solutions within a timeboxed product development setup.

To realize this, we have put in place a squad of software engineers, UX designers, agile and product experts working at the intersection of digital innovation and product development.


Idea Validation

During the idea validation phase, we apply methods such as design thinking to validate the idea with stakeholders and facilitate the process in figuring out what product to build.

Product Incubation

During the incubation phase, we start realizing the solution. We help product owners translate user needs into user stories and our product team members turn the idea into high-fidelity design and software which ultimately leads to a functional prototype or MVP. Our unique selling point is incubating a first viable solution within 35 days.


The Nest belongs to some of the best digital innovation units in Germany in 2021. More info can be found here: Konzerne-auf-den-Spuren-von-Startups-2021.pdf (