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Artificial Intelligence, advanced analytics

From the capture and analysis of large amounts of data over time comes the capacity to identify patterns. Machine vision is the ability of a software to analyse, treat and understand images. This provides robots with vision. Natural Language is the ability of a software to detect, recognize and understand “human” language, either in written or spoken form. Machine learning is a statistical approach for artificial intelligence, allowing a machine to automatically extract patterns from a big dataset and react accordingly. Beyond “predictive maintenance” (that detects and even predicts abnormalities), AI now offers the ability to identify the root causes of problems and maintain and operate assets accordingly, “proactive maintenance”. Working with small pure players is already a common practice in the energy sector industry (Enel and C3IoT, Duke Energy and Genpact, Enel and EDF with Emerson or E.ON with Romax Technology.

Sensors & Big Data

Big Data refers to data sets that are so large, accumulate so quickly, and/or are composed of such a variety of information that classical data processing software and algorithms are no longer appropriate. As sensors’ affordability and reliability are growing exponentially, the “3V” (Volume, Velocity, and/or Variety) of data collected is growing equally. Examples of data that can be gathered: acoustic, vibration, chemical, electric current & potential, magnetic field, weather conditions, moisture, position, displacement, light, pressure, thermal, human proximity and more. Smart grid development has vastly increased the amount and variety of data generated.

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