22 January 2023

Fast grid topology reconfiguration

Today only highly experienced system operators, backed by trial-and-error simulations, can perform fast topology reconfigurations. However, mainly based on what is known to work, potentially better actions are left untested.

Why this project

The research into analytical tools has been ongoing since the 1980’s, but approaches using approximations and heuristic methods have yielded no practical results. More recent ML techniques are however showing promise.

AATO – Advanced Analytics for Topology Optimization aims to research and develop a first prototype applying powerful ML technics to make the breakthrough to a new era of decision support tools.


Optimizing the topology of the grid is a complex problem. So, as a first step, we simplify the problem by simplifying the grid model and the actions means. In the next step, we raise the bar and introduce more complex grid models and additional constraints. In a last step we test on real-life situations from the system operation room. Every step is taken in close collaboration between developers and system operators to guarantee a satisfactory final product. We call it an agile Eco-System. Promising research done with so far L2RPN.

AATO Approach

Banner AATO

Grabarczyk Oskar
Energy System Developer

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