Consumer Centricity

The Consumer Centricity Program intends to unleash demand-driven flexibility in order to integrate more renewables and reduce CO2 emissions, improve the security of supply and increase consumer satisfaction through a variety of energy services.

Sebastiaan Coppenholle
Project Manager Consumers and Market

New forms of flexibility

The energy system is transforming towards a decarbonized system based on renewable energies. With a high number of renewable energies in our grid, new forms of flexibility are required to cover the fluctuating supply of wind and solar power plants. One of these flexibility sources are the devices of end customers. More and more households are equipped with IoT devices that have the potential to become active participants in the power system. The mission and challenge of Elia Group’s consumer centricity team is to explore ways to efficiently connect and integrate these devices to unlock their full potential for the power system and the user.

Innovation is a key enabler on this journey. The innovation team supports Elia Group’s Consumer Centricity Program through testing new technologies and validating future business cases.

Our projects

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