Innovation pillars

System Operations

The enormous technological strides forward of recent decades have already meant major changes for the energy sector. But so far, we’ve been able to make gradual changes to successfully incorporate them.

In the future, the acceleration of technological innovation will require a total rethinking of system operation. With so many factors to take into account, we need state of the art automated solutions to support our testing and analysis. At Elia Group, we are committed to innovation in grid dynamics, exploring the use of big data, machine learning, and AI.

Thijs Vral

System Operations


Prepare for the evolution of grid dynamics

We are committed to driving forward the energy transition – but it brings new challenges for system operation. Adding new assets to the grid requires careful planning and management. We use the insights generated to develop reliable and effective solutions for Elia Group and the wider sector.

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Implement AI and develop decision-making algorithms

All these new factors will place far greater demands on dispatchers, and we need to provide them with the best possible tools to make effective decisions and maintain security of supply. Repetitive work is a prime target for AI automation, freeing the dispatcher to focus on more skilled activities. To build a system that’s ready for this level of automation, we are developing new technologies and tools to provide advanced support to our dispatchers, with the ultimate goal of creating an automated dispatching system similar to a plane’s autopilot system.

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Introduce new technologies into system operation

Innovations in technology are constantly emerging from every sector. We know that we don’t yet have all the answers for how to solve the energy challenges of the future – staying alert to emerging technologies and new research is essential to identify key ideas from outside the energy sector. As we work to become more independent of conventional power plants, we need new solutions for system services like solving congestion problems or restoring power. New developments in appliances like batteries and electric vehicles, combined with advanced software, will prove indispensable.

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We do not innovate alone. We work with our partners across the energy sector and beyond to drive the energy transition forward, seeking innovative solutions everywhere.

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